Executive Protection

To complement our state-of-the-art security guard assistance we offer options for Executive Protection Services. Our Executive Protection Team has received extensive training in the areas of VIP protection and high-risk escorts, as well as training for Executive Protection Operators. These services are tailored to your specific requirements. All of our Executive Protection personnel have experience working in law-enforcement, private contracting, and military service; most have encountered and subdued high threat environments. Our team of experts has provided protection across the globe, applying their expert skills to daily operations. All requests for Executive Protection Services are independently reviewed and analyzed by one of our experienced Operators, and then a mission-specific plan is designed to guarantee that the highest level of protection is provided to each client’s situation, and to ensure viable solutions are attained.


In today’s world there are a wide range of security and protection challenges facing businesses and individuals. The Executive Solutions Group, LLC management team has unsurpassed experience to ease your mind while protecting your business and employees. No matter the scope of your needs our experts will help with risk mitigation as well as crisis management and response plans. Our team will become your team in order to provide safe and successful results, all while reducing your risks.